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Apad Project Summary(sourceforge)

The Apad text editor is a cross-platform java text editor. Currently the text editor supports the basic operations like open/close/save/cut/copy/paste, and tabbed text areas. The aim of this project is to build a java developer's editor which supports vi-like behavior. Something similar to the open source program called "gvim".

  • June 21 2004: Migrated to 'Ant' as primary build tool, and cleaned up source directory. Users now can change fonts, and easily go to anyline using "GoTo". Next: Add Ok/Cancel buttons to FontChooser and Goto Dialogs. Add cursor-line highlighting.
  • Feb 22 2004: Recent additions: Automatic look and feel, get Windows look and feel on windows machines, get Motif on Unix. Next: Fix ugly default font on Mac OS-X, Unix, and Linux. Add options menu to menubar. Allow user to change background and foreground colors.
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